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Tax Service

Office Hours Effective January thru April 2024


Monday thru Friday  10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday hours start mid February

Appointments are available outside of these hours.


Walk-Ins are welcome and drop off service is available, as well as services via internet and phone. 


Many clients live a very hectic life and we are here to accommodate our clients schedule.


Summer Hours:  Monday to Wednesday  10am to 3 pm          

Office is open year round. 

Welcome to Dragonfly Tax LLC 


This office provides many services, including the following

  • ​Individual Tax Preparation, Sole Proprietors and Rentals

  • Business Tax Returns Preparation, Partnerships and S-Corps

  • Out-of-State Returns

  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Services

  • Payroll Services 

 Tax Consultant Services

Ready to talk with a tax professional?  You are more than welcome to use the contact form at the bottom of the website or give Dragonfly a call at 503.757.1196.  We can discuss your tax situation.  We have experience with business  and individual tax returns.

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My name is Kathryn L Hryciw, I am the owner of Dragonfly Tax.  I began preparing taxes in 2006 with HR Block in the heart of Sellwood.  I worked there for 5 years to get the experience I needed to complete my dream of going out on my own.  Dragonfly Tax LLC was established in 2011.  In 2012, I moved to this location and have been here ever since.  I enjoy meeting with my clients – giving them personal services to meet their needs. 

My name is Leslie L Phillips, I became a licensed tax professional in the year of 2017.  I am a preparer here at Dragonfly Tax.  I am embarking on a new life change and career.  I plan on giving all my clients the best service and tax advice available to them.  A little about myself.  I have been working in the Portland School district at Woodmere School for 15 years in the kitchen as a lead.  I have been a union representative for the past 8 years.  I was involved in contract negotiation, and representing employees who had complaints.  So as I am told, I was very good in my position in the union and they will sorely miss me as I move on to this new phase in my life. 




Dragonfly Tax LLC is locally owned by Kathryn L Hryciw and assisted by experienced support staff.  Kathryn is a licensed Tax Consultant for the Sate of Oregon by the Board of Tax Practitioners. Dragonfly Tax is able to provide quality service in a timely manner. We are committed to developing a close relationship with our clients, while providing solutions to help manage their personal and business for growth, increased profitability and success. 

With my company's high standards of service and our specialized staff, we spell the difference with our eye for detail, and outstanding level of performance compared to our competitors.  We are dedicated to the principle of professionalism, quality, and ethics.

All matters handled by Dragonfly Tax LLC are treated with strict confidentiality, and in accordance with the high standards of Code of Ethics. Information about your affairs will never be discussed with, or released to unauthorized persons.


Tax Service Pricing

Tax Preparation‏

Drake Tax Secure Upload      

Basic individual/Family Returns                                  $100 -$450

Price range covers most tax returns.  1040 EZ, 1040/1040A and Oregon 40/40P/40N Dependents, W-2 income, Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Credit, and Dependent Care Credit/Oregon WFC

                                                                                                                                                                                        Standard Individual/Family Returns                          $180 -$400

Price range covers most tax returns. All forms listed in basic plus Schedule A Itemized Deductions, 1099-R's, Social Security, Interest & Dividends, Education Credits, Retirement Savings Credit, and Fed/State extension.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Advanced Individual/Family Returns                        $220 - $650

Price range covers most tax returns with some or all of the following: All forms listed in Basic & Standard, plus HSA forms, Charitable Non-Cash Contributions over $500, Residential Energy Credits, Capital Gain/Loss Sch D, Employee Business Expenses (form 2106), K-1 forms, Sch H Household Employer, Premium Tax Credit, Shared Responsibility Payment calculation or exemption, and Fed/State extension (includes calculation of balance due)

                                                                                                                                                                                         Self Employed/Rental Returns   Per Business/Rental     $350 

Price range covers most tax returns with some or all of the following: All forms listed in Basic, Standard and Advanced, plus ONE business (Schedule C – Sole Proprietor or Single Member LLC only), rental (Schedule E), or farm (Schedule F), including Depreciation and Amortization, Sec 179 expense, SE tax calculations, Self Employed Health Insurance Deductions, SEP

Bookkeeping Service                


$75 per hour

We will work with your needs as a bookkeeper on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.  Every business needs bookkeeping no matter how small.  Dragonfly Tax LLC is in a unique position with being in the tax preparation business, we understand the tax laws. Therefore, we are able to apply the tax law knowledge to the bookkeeping preparation. One forgotten piece of the the books is the balance sheet: assets = liabilities and equity.  An important aspect in the balance sheet is the year end recording/posting of assets, accumulated depreciation, loans to shareholders, non deductible expenses and retained earnings.  The balance sheet is one of the neglected areas when it comes to reflecting on the current picture of the financial status, or for use when refinancing or closing the business.  Many tax dollars could be lost with incorrect entries.     Do it right the first time. Go with someone who knows - go with the best here at Dragonfly Tax LLC.

Payroll Service                               


Starting at $45 per payroll

Our trained‏ payroll specialists can provide you with payroll advise and consultation. Clients will receive copies of all payroll reports per payroll period, quarterlies and year end statements. Payroll can be processed weekly/bi-weekly/monthly.  Payroll fees are based on employee count.

Tax Planning and Consulting  


$250 per hour

If you have any questions, concerns, issues, or just need someone to answer some questions, we would be happy to help with that. Please feel free to contact us at anytime with questions.

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